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Our Products are Our History
We make full use of everything new in ingredients, science and biotechnology in the pursuit of tastiness, kindness and beauty in our products.
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History of UHA Mikakuto

Company and Product Retrospective
1950s 1949 Company Established Nanairo no ame Mikakuto
Nanairo no ame
1956 Tokyo Branch Opened
1959 Osaka Factory Completed
Nagoya Branch Opened
1960s 1960 Fukuoka Branch Opened  
1964 Hiroshima Branch Opened
Animal Chocolate
Hakka Ame
Fruits Hakka Ame
1965 Sendai Branch Opened
Sapporo Branch Opened

JUN TSUYU (Blister Pack)
(Blister Pack)
1966 Hard Chocolate
1967 Sales and Business Offices Opened in Major Cities Throughout Japan
Choco Bon Bon
1968 Makoto Co., Ltd. Opened
1970s 1972 Nara Factory (No. 1 Factory) Completed
Mikakuto Kosan Co., Ltd Established
1973 Takamatsu Branch Opened
JUN TSUYU (Blister Pack)
1976 Otoboke Lion Campaign Sakurambo no uta
Sakurambo no uta

1978 North Tokyo Branch Opened
Otoboke Momonga Campaign
1979 Sakurarambo no uta
On The Pie
Canadian Dessert
1980s 1982 Mikakuto Shoji Co., Ltd Sales Company Established
1983 Sakurambo no uta
1984 Apio Co., Ltd Sales Company Established
Nara No. 2 Factory Completed
1985 Nara Distribution Center Opened  
1986 Ohisama no okurimono  
1987 Gummi Candy Series  
1988 Oshaberi Candy
1989 Nidoyaki tosuto tsubibakku SHIGEKIX
1990s 1990 Mikakuto Group Name adopted and Company emblem changed
Awarded the Ministry of Health and Welfare Award for Excellence in Factory Greenery

Kitchen Kitosan Crab Chips
Fruit Gummi OLG
Kaju Kirei
1991 Fruit Gummi OLG
1992 Mikakuto UHA Hall Completed
Omoigakenai Gummi, Shu Cream
1993 Sales Organization Expanded into 4 regional offices and 19 sales divisions
Nagai Kajitsu (Fruit)
Low Calorie Candy
1995 UHA Pipin Co., Ltd established
1997 Nara No. 3 Factory Completed
1998 Shanghai Operation Office Opened
B Care
Pipin Pure
2002 UHA Mikakuto Shanghai Co., Ltd Established
UHA Mikakuto Shanghai Co., Ltd Shanghai Plant Completed